About Us

Formed in 2017, Structural Modelling Group is a geoscience research group focusing on structural interpretation using methods like seismic interpretation, well log correlation, forward modelling, structural restoration, analogue modelling, fieldwork, mapping, remote sensing (UAV based) coupled with creation and interpretation of virtual outcrops.

The research group is now based in the Research Center for Integrated Geological Studies, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania and performs most of the work from the Structural and Analogue Modelling Laboratory.

The SMG team:

  • Lecturer dr. Dan M. Tamas
  • Dr. Alexandra Tamas
  • Bianca Copot (PhD student)
  • Ioana S.M. Tocariu (lab assistant)
  • Daria Dohan (lab assistant)

Selected publications

  • Tămaș, A., Holdsworth, R, Underhill, J.R., Tămaș, D.M., Dempsey, E., McCarthy, D., McCaffrey, K.J.W. and Selby, D., 2022, Correlating deformation events onshore and offshore in superimposed rift basins: The Lossiemouth Fault Zone, Inner Moray Firth Basin, Scotland. Basin Research, 1-27. https://doi.org/10.1144/jgs2021-066
  • Tămaș, D.M., Tămaș, A., Barabasch, J., Rowan, M.G., Schleder, Z., Krézsek, C. and Urai, J.L., 2021, Low-angle shear within the exposed Mânzălești diapir, Romania: Salt decapitation in the Eastern Carpathians fold-and-thrust belt. Tectonics, 40, e2021TC006850. https://doi.org/10.1029/2021TC006850
  • Tămaș A., Tămaș D.M., Krezsek C., Schleder Z., Palladino G. and Bercea R., 2020, The Nature and Significance of Sand Intrusions in a Hydrocarbon-rich Fold and Thrust Belt: Eastern Carpathians Bend Zone, Romania, Journal of the Geological Society, 177, 343-356, doi: 10.1144/jgs2019-107
  • Tămaș, D.M., Schleder, Z., Tămaș, A., Krezsek, C., Copot B. and Filipescu, S., 2020, Middle Miocene evolution and structural style of the Diapir Fold Zone, Eastern Carpathian Bend, Romania: insights from scaled analogue modelling, In: Hammerstein, J., Di Cuia, R., Griffiths, P., Cottam, M., Zamora, G., and Butler, R. eds, Fold and Thrust Belts; Fold and Thrust Belts: Structural Style, Evolution and Exploration, Geological Society of London, Special Publications 490, doi: 10.1144/SP490-2019-091
  • Schleder, Z., Tămaș, D.M. , Arnberger, K.; Krezsek, C. and Tulucan, A., 2019, Salt tectonics style in the Bend Zone sector of the Carpathian fold and thrust belt, Romania. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 108 (5), 1595-1614, doi: 10.1007/s00531-019-01721-x
  • Tămaș, D.M., Schleder, Z., Krezsek, C., Man, S. and Filipescu, S., 2018, Understanding salt in orogenic settings: the evolution of ideas in the Romanian Carpathians, AAPG Bulletin, 102(6): 941-958, doi: 10.1306/0913171615517088

contact: danmircea.tamas@ubbcluj.ro / alexandra.tamas1@ubbcluj.ro

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